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Green Theology:  Only Gardeners Go to Heaven “ God is Green.”      George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1990  

The Revery—   By Sandra Lindow

At breakfast my husband removes

All gardeners go to heaven

spent blooms from the Persian Violet;

As he gently pinches them off,

dry petals fall on his plate,

pile up among  empty muffin papers.

Dropping the last of them, he says,

“Only gardeners go to Heaven.”

The Headline—

Tel Aviv—Israeli Scholars Finally Release

               Secret Dead Sea Scroll

The Translation–

And the voice from the burning bush

Spoke again unto Moses saying.

“Inasmuch as you desire Heavenly Reward,

you must work the earth yourself,

you, your children and your children’s children.

You must work the land, feed the soil

and gather the fruits in barns.

Of your abundance, you must feed the poor.

For if you have two bushels

and your neighbor has none,

you must in charity share one.

For the earth is the Lord’s

and the fullness thereof,

and you are the appointed gardener.

Woe to those who forsake this part.

The Commentary—

“God is Green!”

The Word is out and it’s official;

even the Archbishop of Canterbury agrees.

All Souls get ready to put on dem leafy shoes,

for dem golden street are really paved in green.

Oak leaves yoke Heavenly Choir robes;

St. Peter stands at the Gate of Green.

In the mundane world Chicago Gold Coast balconies

sprout profusions of gardenias.

Wall Street goes in for marigolds as well—

Everyone wants a piece of Heaven.

Bill Gates is seen with a rose in his lapel.

At the Vatican a lone painter

observes a moment of emerald silence

before painting a green thumb

on the Sistine Hand of God.

“God is green; God is good,

and we thank him for this food,”

children pray before dinner.

In quiet places one can hear

The breath of earth reincarnate

as it sighs in blessed relief.

Finally, the path to salvation is cleared

So even the simplest grasps.

Abel’s gift understood at last:

Only gardeners go to Heaven.

For in their digging,

planting, pruning and picking,

they touch the great green body of God.

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Fuel alcohol training, customized one on one, hands on, 5 day class

We had a wonderful 5 days with our new friend from Nigeria who was fulfilling a month long quest for solar and other sustainable power knowledge and techniques that he can take back to improve the quality of life in his village.

We crafted his class for the need to make fuel grade moonshine in a site that didn’t have modern amenities. Much like the prohibition era Moonshiners this technology is capable of making high octane motor fuel to outrun the revenuers or run a pump to bring water from a well.

malting grain, or, making your own enzymes

potato starch conversion
mashing and cooking sprouted potatoes trying to convert starch to sugar

He had already taken two of our online classes. One on the importance of bio-fuels (Free) and the other being a basic 101 distillation process How to do it. He had the general idea  and having taken the online class for $50.00 he got $100.00 off the hands on training.

It is true you can make fuel alcohol out of anything that grows, but his village grows a lot of corn so that seemed to be a good place to start.  A bushel of corn can make 2 and 1/2  gallons of ethanol fuel and the leftovers will still be nutritious food for animals or humans.

To cook a bushel of grain all at once, you need a 35 gallon crock pot as well as the strength to stir a 300 pound pot of oatmeal and keep it from burning for three hours.  The village may have that kind of manpower but for learning purposes we start at 1/10th that scale.

move to shady spot
I move we find shade

alcohol proof
measuring proof

distillation monitor
Making fuel grade alcohol is both a science and an art

Modern yeasts can ferment to over 20% alcohol in 5 days. We did that and ran an engine on fuel we made that week

ilumination with alcohol fuel
alcohol fuel lamp

alcohol fuels small engine
run lawnmower on pure ethanol


After converting , fermenting and distilling we took a field trip to see how a megga producer makes fuel.

Same thing only bigger

ethanol plant
Marquis Energy
Neceeda WI

corn dumping
corn truck unloads

testing starch

Ethanol factory
Marquis Ethanol Plant

grain for ethanol
for making cookies or ethanol fuel

control center
control room