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Lightning protection

We had an altercation with a lightning bolt during the storm early Saturday morning. Country life has been pungent lately with all the farmers spreading the winters bovine effluent on all sides of our homestead. The air has been sort of thick. So when I went into the sunroom to let the dog out I remarked that it had got worse over night. Marcia said it smelled more like bottlegas than bio-methane. And as the dog went out the door I left it open because it was much less stinky outside. Marcia suggested that we had a gas leak about the time I noticed that the gas heater in the sunroom was hissing. I turned off the valve as she opened windows. The lightning bolt had burned a pinhole in the stainless steel pipe that connected to the heater. Code does not require gas appliances to be grounded but mine are now connected to my lightning protection system. The TV also needed to be replaced. I took a course in lightning protection after we moved in here 30 years ago because of frequent hits. All conductors in a home should be connected and grounded. My solar panels and satellite dish are all tied together as is the gas line now. I think I’ll add a few ground rods and check all the connections. Life is good.

lightning damage to gas connector
lightning burned pin hole in gas pipe