Jeff and Marcia DistillWe learn. We live. We teach: our mantra for as long as we have been offering our idea of reality to those who will listen. We will not promote anything that we don’t do ourselves.

Our home has passive solar and we do most of our additional heating with wood. Our vehicles run on ethanol as does our lawnmower, garden tractor, chainsaw and electric generators. We offer instruction to others who want to learn to do these things for themselves. We display our distillation system made from a beer keg and milk can at various sustainable living expos in the area.

We are located in Central Wisconsin on land that has been in our family since 1880. In that year Jeff’s great grandfather, Gustave Lindow, bought the land, moved here with his wife and began to make it their home. The farm was self sustaining at that time and we are intent on making it so again.

When we moved here in 1987, we opened a woodstove and fireplace shop in nearby Marshfield. We haveJeff and Marcia Tree Huggers been promoting and selling renewable energy products in the area ever since.

Jeff has college degrees in Psychology and in Cultural Resource Management. He is an Experimental Archeologist and in his study of civilizations that no longer exist saw two bad behaviors that lead to their demise. 1.) They depended on something that they used up. 2.) And they poisoned their world to the extent that they could no longer live in it. Jeff thinks that petroleum addiction has put modern civilization on a similar path.

Marcia has a degree in Physical Education. She has had extensive training and experience in the health connection of mind body and spirit. She made her own drum and sometimes uses it when she leads her classes in arthritis exercise and Tai Chi designed to keep the mind body and spirit in balance. She is a Lay Preacher and weaves The Native American Whirling Rainbow Prophesy into her message. She has skinned and butchered deer with stone tools.

We believe that bio-fuels are a big part of the solution for communities that are wanting to adapt into sustainability. We have taken the steps for our own adaptation. Bring what you know and connect your community to ours.